CCNA Certification – How to Become CCNA-Certified

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

CCNA Certification – How to Become CCNA Certified

Let’s talk about how to become an CCNA Routing and Switching-certified,
 from the essential of the exam to the study components to use to prepare 
for the exam for CCNA Certification, and, finally, how long to study before
 taking the exam.

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What Are the Prerequisites for the CCNA?

The CCNA certification is really at the basic level of the Cisco certification hierarchy, so
 there are no previous technical requirements for the CCNA exam. This means that 
you do not have to take any prior exams before you can qualify as certified by 
CCNA. However, there are age restrictions for any Cisco certification:

Under 13 years: can not be submitted for the exam, even with the consent of
 the parents.

13-17 years: can be presented for the exam with the consent of the parents.

18 years or older, without age restrictions.
Although there are no prerequisites for the end of Cisco, the CCNA exam may be
 more suitable for those with one or two years of networking experience. This should
 not confuse those who do not have practical experience and still want to take 
the test; you just need to work more and use the tools available to you, like 
GNS3 and Packet Tracer.Note: As we will see in a later section, there are 
two ways to achieve the CCNA certification.

What Study Materials Do I Need to Get Started?

As with any CCNA certification exam, there are several study materials to help
 candidates prepare for the CCNA certification exam and these materials are 
available in different formats. For example, there are study guides, videos , 
workbooks, lab guides, practice exams,

How Should I Prepare for the CCNA?

As we already talked about  of the study materials anyone can use for preparing
 the CCNA exam in the previous section.Now, we will discuss non-technical 
preparation steps for the CCNA Training exam, including preparation method 
and schedule.

Study Progress

A good way to track the progress of your study is to copy the exam topics in a
 spreadsheet and update each topic as you go through it. The level of detail you 
want to put in this tracking worksheet is up to you, but it will help you to be sure
 of what work you have already completed.

Preparation Methods

Here we have two methods you can prepare for the CCNA exam; these methods are not
 commonly absolute:

    • Self-study by using the OCG, watching videos, etc.
    • Training including boot camps and live training sessions.
    While you can prepare for the exam exclusively through self-study, you will definitely 
    add some form of self-study if you opt for the external training option i.e.  
    CCNA Training in Chandigarh.  Your choice of preparation will build on factors 
    such as budget, time, location and the possibility of success.
    External training options will cost more than self-learning, and may not be 
    available at your location. However, they generally do well in the area of time and 
    increase their chances of success in the exam. The advice here is to know yourself 
    and determine what is best for you. In addition, you can have the best of both worlds: 
    self-study and then attend a virtual training camp or watch recorded videos of a
     training camp session.


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