CCNP Training

In CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) we will cover these three modules. 

ROUTE                         642-902
SWITCH                       642-813
TROUBELSHOOT      642-832

ROUTE  642-902
Create an EIGRP Implementation Plan
Create an IPv6 Implementation Plan
Configure EIGRP Routing
Configure IPv6 Routing
Describe Broadband Technologies
Create an OSPF Implementation Plan
Configure Basic Broadband Connections
Configure OSPF Routing
Create an eBGP Implementation Plan
Describe Basic VPN Technologies
Create an eBGP Verification Plan
Configure GRE
Configure eBGP Routing
Configure DSL Networks

SWITCH 642-813
Create A Vlan Based Implementation Plan
Configure Routing Interfaces
Create A Vlan Based Verification Plan
Configure Layer 2/3 Security
Configure Loop Prevention for the Vlan Based Solution
Create A High Availability Implementation Plan
Configure Access Ports for the VlAN Based Solution
Implement First Hop Redundancy Protocols
Document Results of Vlan Implementation & Verification
Implement Switch Supervisor Redundancy
Configuring Switched Wireless Networks
Introduction to QOS & Voice VLAN

TSHOOT 642-832
Troubleshoot IPv6 & IPv4 Interoperability
Troubleshoot EIGRP
Troubleshoot Loop Prevention for the VLAN Based solution
Troubleshoot OSPF
Troubleshoot Access Ports for the VLAN Based solution
Troubleshoot eBGP
Troubleshoot Private VLANS
Troubleshoot Routing Redistribution Solution
Troubleshoot Port Security
Troubleshoot a DHCP Client & Server Solution
Troubleshoot a VoIP Support Solution
Troubleshoot NAT
Troubleshoot Layer 3 Security
Troubleshoot First HOP Redundancy Protocols
Troubleshoot IPv6 Routing