CCNA Training

CCNA Training in Chandigarh

CCNA Training in Chandigarh provided to let you achieve your goal by 
developing a systematic method to assess and improve network design, 
operations, support and management. You will also be able to develop
technical sale ,service for incorporated networking solutions. Cisco Routing 
Switching Training maps the Content to the CCNA Routing and Switching 
Certification. Networking  companies requires the certified professionals with 
good knowledge of protocols i.e IP,Serial,Frame, Relay, IP RIP and many more
for Installing, configuring, operating maintaining and troubleshooting LAN, MAN, 
WAN and other networks. CCNA Training in Chandigarh will help you to gain
all these Skills go get Certified and for building good future.

CCNA training in Chandigarh

We provide 6 weeks, 2 months and 6 months industrial training.
Come And Join us for your secure future..

Syllabus for CCNA Training in Chandigarh :


Module 1  

Introduction to networking

• Network Types
• Network Topologies
• Networking media
• MAC vs. IP addresses
• Cabling
• LAB-making cables
• Network Technologies
• Network Devices
• Testing connectivity
Module 2

• OSI Model

• TCP/IP Model

• Data Encapsulation

• Introduction To Addressing

• IP Addressing-Classfull
• Classless Addressing
• Subnetting with VLSM
• TCP/IP Application & Transport layers
• Introduction to Routers
• Routers Components & Models
• Routers Startup
• Routers Command line Interface
• Routers Basic configuration Commands
• Backing up & Restoring the "Cisco IOS" & "Configuration File"
• Adding Host Names to the "Host tables"
• LAB-basic configuration
• DHCP "Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol"
• Learning About Other Devices (CDP)
• Telnet
• Password Recovery
Module 3

• IP Routing

• Static Routing

• Default Routing

• Introduction to Dynamic Routing

• Perimeter , Firewall, and Internal Routes
• Access Control Lists-Standard
• LAB-Standard ACL
• Access Control Lists-Extended
• Access Control Lists-Named

  • NAT (Network Address Translation). 
  • Introduction to wireless technology. 
  • Cisco Unified wireless solution.  
  • Configuring our wireless Internetwork.

Module 4

• Introduction to IPv6
• IPv6 addressing and expressions
• How IPv6 works on the Internetwork

• IPv6 Routing Protocols

• Migrating to IPv6

• Configuring IPv6

• Introduction to WANs

• Cable and DSL
• PPP & HDLC encapsulation Methods
• Frame Relay
Module 5

• Introduction To Switches & Switches Models

• STP "Spanning Tree Protocol"

• Basic Switches Configuration

• LAB-basic Switches Configuration

• VLANs "Virtual LANs"

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