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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hello friends,

Here in this article today, i am going to tell you some very intersting facts about Cisco Packet tracer i have learned in CCNA Training in Chandigarh. You must be having curiosity to learn as much as you can in CCNA. Some of the topics which are not in the CCNA Syllabus but you want to learn them can be learn from packet tracer itself. Are you excited to know how we can do it.

After installing Cisco Packet Tracer some of the folders by get installed in the C:/ Drive of the computer system. When you will go to the saved folder you can get more informative Cisco Packet Tracer files of the topology in which so many other technical practicals are performed. Either you are using Linux or Windows. In both operating systems you can find the same folder in which you can find the CCNA Practicals. These practicals are already performed and you also can get the commands which has been run in the routers and in the switches. You can retrieve all the configuration from the routers by which you can learn that how this practicle has been performed.

This is the folder in which you can see all the practical.

In windows you have to follow the path

C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco Packet Tracer 6.0.1\saves

This is the path where you can find the topologies which is already configured and must be new to you. From them you can learn many more new thing in CCNA Training in Chandigarh.

Here in this image you can see the the folder in which you will find the Topologies.

When you will enter in this folder you will see some more folders in this folder. Those all folders are listed below.

  1. 6.2
  2. Linksys
  3. PC
  4. Router
  5. Security
  6. Server
  7. TCP_IP
  8. TV
  9. Voice_IPPhone
  10. Wireless

You can see these folders in the image given below.

These are the folders you can find in Saves folder in cisco Packet Tracer. Now when you click in these folders you will find the PKT file in it. These files will run in packet tracer and you can check the configurations of the practicals which has been performed in them.  

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