How to create clusters in Cisco Packet Tracer

Friday, March 10, 2017

In this article you will come to know about how you can make clusters in Cisco packet tracer. This the practical which will help you to merge up the big sized network in small area in packet tracer. Using this you can explore big network as well as you can implement all the practicalities in the scenario. I will try to explain you this by using screenshots. This is the best option i have ever seen in the packet tracer till now. Trust me it will be fun doing CCNA Training in Chandigarh. This is as fun as playing video games in your computers. Let see now how we can use the cluster option in Cisco Packet tracer and how you can make it done.

For example you have to create a big sized network scenario in you project like the image you can see below.

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Now if you want to merge this big sized network into one cluster so that you can connect some more devices here in the working space you can use the option cluster you can see on the Cisco Packet Tracer. You have to select all the working devices and have to click on the New Cluster option. After clicking on this option your big sized network will be merged into small network virtually. You can see that cluster in below given image.

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If you want to see the real network which it was in actual you just have to click on this cluster and then you can see it fully.

Now how you can get connected with the other cluster. Lets check it out.

To connect with another cluster you have to use custom wire. You should not use automatic wire to get connected with the other cluster. Lets see how you can get connected with them.   

CCNA Training in Chandigarh 3

Like this you can create a big sized network but with the advanced option which is creating clusters in the packet tracer. This can give you more space to create a big sized network in to the single screen of the packet tracer.

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