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How to take access of Cisco router

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

When we take access of Cisco router with the help of console cable we also need a hyper terminal in our operating system but if we don’t get hyper terminal in our OS then how can we get access of Cisco router... some times we download hyper terminal explicitly from internet. But to get access of Cisco router we also can use other options which are given bellow. 

1    1. Using console cable with router

     2. Using Putty for any type of access (Telnet, SSH or access    through Console) 

        3. Using Telnet Service in Win Xp, Win7 or in Server OS.

These all are the options by which we can take access of router. 


Nisha Arora said...

very nice post..... but Telnet command never runs in windows 7 command prompt.. pls tell me the procedure to enable telnet service in window 7......


Navneet Sharma said...

Hi Nisha,

You are very right that there is no telnet service enabled in windows 7 by default. So how we can enable this service that you can see in our new post. Have a look…


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